Here to break the taboo around mental health issues.

Be kind to yourself

Hi there! Welcome to my blog. Nice to meet you. I am Grace and I am a big Running Enthusiast. I have been diagnosed with Complex PTSD, but running helps to reduce the symptoms of my PTSD a lot. I would love to tell you my story. So please, let me take you on my journey to find balance, self-love and mental health.

1 in 5 people will personally experience a mental health problem or illness. Depression affects people of all ages, education, income levels, and cultures. We don't like to talk about it. Maybe because we are ashamed of it. It makes us extremely vulnerable. But talking about it helps, exercising helps. So why don't we just do that?






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13 januari 2020

NN Egmond Halve Marathon

2 februari 2020

Midwinter Marathon Apeldoorn

5 april 2020

Marathon Rotterdam




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Run with Grace is all about positivity, creativity, mental health and empowerment. Do you have a question or a nice collaboration proposal that fits my values? Enter your details or email me at

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Work with a Therapist

If trauma, toxic relationships, mental illness, or negative beliefs are holding you back from having a positive state of mind, working with a therapist might be especially helpful. Consult your doctor for this.

Start with Meditation

This can be strange and uncomfortable in the beginning. But give it some time. Let YouTube or other meditation apps help you. A habit of daily meditation gives you the feeling of living with the wind in your sails. Everything runs smoother, things take less effort. Good stuff!

Move that Butt

In its broadest sense. Discover what works for you. Swimming, walking, running, kickboxing, cycling, walking, crawling, anything! Preferably outside. I'm not even going to tell you about the positive effects. You will notice it soon enough!



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